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Nippa, David Friedrich Erhard: Supplementary data to dissertation: "Improving compound synthesis efficiency through laboratory automation and artificial intelligence". 18. March 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.469

Tabataba-Vakili, Farsane and Baimuratov, Anvar and Högele, Alexander: Supplementary data for the article "Doping-control of excitons and magnetism in few-layer CrSBr". 8. March 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.450


Krueger, Tanja and Jimenez Soto, Luisa F. and Koludarov, Ivan: Not all toxins are the same: Dataset and Analysis. 8. November 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.423

Ekins, Merrick and Erpenbeck, Dirk and Wörheide, Gert and Hooper, John: Deep Water Polymastiidae (Porifera, Polymastiida) from the South West Pacific. 12. September 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.406

Rupp, Philip: Supporting material for "Enhanced polar vortex predictability following sudden stratospheric warming events". 10. August 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.395

Conci, Nicola and Griesshaber, Erika and Rivera, Ramon and Schmahl, Wolfgang and Vargas, Sergio and Wörheide, Gert: Molecular and mineral responses of corals grown under artificial Calcite Sea conditions. 14. March 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.373


Natarelli, Lucia and Kichi, Zahra Abedi and Mann Fallenbuchel, Elizabeth Josefina and Parca, Luca and Mazza, Tommaso and Weber, Christian: Supplementary data from: Role of endothelial micronuclei-contained DNA in atherosclerosis. 22. December 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.352

Lhuillier, Florian: Borok-Munich Absolute Palaeointensity Database. 1. December 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.344

Schwingshackl, Clemens: Supplementary data for the article "Differences in land-based mitigation estimates reconciled by separating natural and land-use CO2 fluxes at the country level". 15. November 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.346

Kenkenberg, Alexander: Real-time Volumetric Cloud Visualization of Meteorological Simulation Data. 28. September 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.311

Ober, Martina F. and Baptist, Anna and Wassermann, Lea and Heuer-Jungemann, Amelie and Nickel, Bert: In situ small-angle X-ray scattering reveals strong condensation of DNA origami during silicification. 19. August 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.315

Jäger, Felix and Rupp, Philip and Birner, Thomas: Assets to Jäger et al.: Robust poleward jet shifts in idealised baroclinic-wave life-cycle experiments with noisy initial conditions. 6. June 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.301

Eid, Baha and Lhuillier, Florian and Shcherbakov, Valeriy and Shcherbakova, Valentina: Do changes in geomagnetic secular variation, dipole moment and polarity reversal frequency correlate over the past 155 Myr?. 1. March 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.295


LMU : CCL17 signals through CCR8 to induce CCL3 expression and restrain atheroprotective Tregs. 27. December 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.279

Lhuillier, Florian: High-latitude Paleointensities during the Cretaceous Normal Superchron from the Okhotsk-Chukotka Volcanic Belt. 3. November 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.263

Eid, B. and Lhuillier, F. and Gilder, S. A. and Pfänder, J. and Gebru, E. F. and Aßbichler, D.: Exceptionally High Emplacement Rate of the Afar Mantle Plume Head. 8. June 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.240

Ullrich, Daniel and Butz, Andreas and Diefenbach, Sarah: The development of overtrust: An empirical simulation and psychological analysis in the context of human-robot interaction. 8. February 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.196


Meng, Jun and Lhuillier, Florian and Wang, Chengshan and Liu, Hao and Eid, Baha and Li, Yalin: Paleomagnetism of Paleocene-Maastrichtian (60–70 Ma) lava flows from Tian Shan (Central Asia): directional analysis and paleointensities. 1. August 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.194

Vargas, Sergio and Zimmer, Thorsten and Conci, Nicola and Lehmann, Martin and Wörheide, Gert: Resilience to climate change in an octocoral involves the transcriptional decoupling of the calcification and stress response toolkits. 8. May 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.189

Orsi, William D.: MetaProt: an integrated database of predicted proteins for improved annotation of metaomic datasets. 20. April 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.183

Hirt, Mirjam and Craig, George C. and Schäfer, Sophia and Savre, Julien and Heinze, Rieke: Cold pool driven convective initiation: using causal graph analysis to determine what convection permitting models are missing. 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.178


Vasseur, Jérémie: The permeability of columnar jointed lava. 31. October 2019. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.172

Klinger, Carolin and Mayer, Bernhard: Neighboring Column Approximation - An Improved 3D Thermal Radiative Transfer Approximation for Non-Rectangular Grids. 18. October 2019. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.171

Vargas, Sergio: Chain files of beast analyses associated with: Botting et al. Unexpectedly early modern glass sponges reignite debate over timing of animal origins. 2019. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.162


Guzmán Sandoval, Jonathan: Paleobiology of tragulids (Mammalia: Artiodactyla: Rumantia). 20. December 2018. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.179


Alderslade, Philip and Bryce, Monika: Two new dimorphic genera and species of soft coral (Coelenterata: Octocorallia: Nidaliidae). 31. May 2016. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.91


Jackson, Daniel and Mann, Karlheinz and Häussermann, Vreni and Schilhabel, Markus and Lüter, Carsten and Griesshaber, Erika and Schmahl, Wolfgang and Wörheide, Gert: The Magellania venosa biomineralizing proteome: a window into brachiopod shell evolution. 24. April 2015. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.67

Dohrmann, Martin: Symplectella rowi (Porifera: Hexactinellida: Lyssacinosida) is a rossellid, not a euplectellid. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. in press. 2015. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.62


Pippich, Waltraud von: Frequenzen und statistische Dispersion der Farben in 50 Bildern von Adolph Menzel. 1. October 2014. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.79

Pippich, Waltraud von: Goldene Relationen in Farbkompositionen von Adolph Menzel. Das Gemälde "Balkonzimmer". 1. October 2014. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.80

Pippich, Waltraud von: Goldene Relationen in Farbkompositionen von Adolph Menzel. Das Gemälde "Piazza d´Erbe in Verona". 1. October 2014. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.83

Pippich, Waltraud von: Goldene Relationen in Farbkompositionen von Adolph Menzel. Das Gemälde "Théâtre du Gymnase". 1. October 2014. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.84


Böhmer, Christine and Rauhut, Oliver and Wörheide, Gert: Correlation between Hox code and vertebral morphology in archosaurs. December 2013. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.68

Reiswig, Henry M. and Dohrmann, Martin: Three new species of glass sponges (Porifera: Hexactinellida) from the West Indies, and molecular phylogenetics of Euretidae and Auloplacidae (Sceptrulophora). October 2013. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.57


Vargas Ramirez, Sergio: Evolution and Ecology of Antarctic sponges. 28. March 2012. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.48


: Supplementary file including normalized data sets to reproduce the analyses presented in the paper "Use of pre-transformation to cope with extreme values in important candidate features" by Boulesteix, Guillemot & Sauerbrei (Biometrical Journal, 2011). 14. March 2011. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.39

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