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Tabataba-Vakili, Farsane and Krelle, Lukas and Hoegele, Alexander: Supplementary data for the article "Metasurface of strongly coupled excitons and nanoplasmonic arrays". 16. July 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.508

Wintterlin, Joost and Illner, Hannah and Kügler, Ann-Kathrin: Supplementary Data: "An STM study on the diffusion of O atoms on a CO-covered Ru(0001) surface - The role of domain boundaries". 27. June 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.502

Husel, Lukas and Trapp, Julian and Hoegele, Alexander: Supplementary material to "Cavity-enhanced photon indistinguishability at room temperature and telecom wavelengths". April 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.460

Tabataba-Vakili, Farsane and Baimuratov, Anvar and Högele, Alexander: Supplementary data for the article "Doping-control of excitons and magnetism in few-layer CrSBr". 8. March 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.450


Kenkenberg, Alexander: Real-time Volumetric Cloud Visualization of Meteorological Simulation Data. 28. September 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.311

Ober, Martina F. and Baptist, Anna and Wassermann, Lea and Heuer-Jungemann, Amelie and Nickel, Bert: In situ small-angle X-ray scattering reveals strong condensation of DNA origami during silicification. 19. August 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.315

Jäger, Felix and Rupp, Philip and Birner, Thomas: Assets to Jäger et al.: Robust poleward jet shifts in idealised baroclinic-wave life-cycle experiments with noisy initial conditions. 6. June 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.301

Dirscherl, Christina Felicitas and Braun, Dieter: Supplementary Datasets for the Paper "A heated rock crack captures and polymerizes primordial DNA and RNA". 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.351


Ianeselli, Alan: Water cycles in a Hadean CO2 atmosphere drive the evolution of long DNA. 26. November 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.258


Hirt, Mirjam and Craig, George C. and Schäfer, Sophia and Savre, Julien and Heinze, Rieke: Cold pool driven convective initiation: using causal graph analysis to determine what convection permitting models are missing. 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.178

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