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Shcherbakov, V. P. and Lhuillier, F. and Gribov, S. K. and Tselmovich, V. A. and Aphinogenova, N. A.: Raw data from the publication "Potential Bias in Volcanic Paleomagnetic Records due to Superimposed Chemical Remanent Magnetization". June 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.490


Conci, Nicola and Griesshaber, Erika and Rivera, Ramon and Schmahl, Wolfgang and Vargas, Sergio and Wörheide, Gert: Molecular and mineral responses of corals grown under artificial Calcite Sea conditions. 14. March 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.373

Petzold, Jan and Kosanic, Aleksandra and Rakoto Joseph,, Felana and Rajaonarivelo Andrianina, Princy and Ranaivosoa-Toandro, Sitraka and Andriamihaja, O. Ravaka and Voahanginirina, Leonnie and Thien, Lara and Razanajatovo, Mialy: Nature’s contributions to human wellbeing under climate change: Evidence from Central and Eastern Madagascar - Interview and workshop transcriptions. 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.383


Lhuillier, Florian: Borok-Munich Absolute Palaeointensity Database. 1. December 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.344

Schwingshackl, Clemens: Supplementary data for the article "Differences in land-based mitigation estimates reconciled by separating natural and land-use CO2 fluxes at the country level". 15. November 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.346

Savre, Julien: Dataset presented in the manuscript "The sensitivity of convective cloud ensemble statistics to horizontal resolution in idealized RCE simulations" by J. Savre and G. Craig. 10. October 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.321

Seeberg, Gereon and Hostlowsky, Antonia and Huber, Julia and Kamm, Julia and Lincke, Lucia and Schwingshackl, Clemens: Supplementary Datasets for the Paper "Evaluating the potential of Landsat satellite data to monitor the effectiveness of measures to mitigate urban heat islands: A case study for Stuttgart (Germany)". 5. August 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.325

Eid, Baha and Lhuillier, Florian and Shcherbakov, Valeriy and Shcherbakova, Valentina: Do changes in geomagnetic secular variation, dipole moment and polarity reversal frequency correlate over the past 155 Myr?. 1. March 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.295


LMU Munich, DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Rupp, Philip and Loeffel, Sheena and Garny, Hella and Chen, Xiaoyang and Pinto, Joaquim and Birner, Thomas: Scientific data used in "Potential links between tropospheric and stratospheric circulation extremes during early 2020". December 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.281

Lhuillier, Florian: High-latitude Paleointensities during the Cretaceous Normal Superchron from the Okhotsk-Chukotka Volcanic Belt. 3. November 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.263

Eid, B. and Lhuillier, F. and Gilder, S. A. and Pfänder, J. and Gebru, E. F. and Aßbichler, D.: Exceptionally High Emplacement Rate of the Afar Mantle Plume Head. 8. June 2021. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.240


Voigt, Oliver and Fradusco, Benedetta and Gut, Carolin and Kevrekidis, Charalampos and Vargas, Sergio and Wörheide, Gert: Carbonic anhydrases: An ancient tool in calcareous sponge biomineralization. October 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.202

Meng, Jun and Lhuillier, Florian and Wang, Chengshan and Liu, Hao and Eid, Baha and Li, Yalin: Paleomagnetism of Paleocene-Maastrichtian (60–70 Ma) lava flows from Tian Shan (Central Asia): directional analysis and paleointensities. 1. August 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.194

Orsi, William D.: Predicted protein sequences from metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from subseafloor deep sea clay, at three separate locations in the North Atlantic. 23. May 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.190

Orsi, William D.: Foraminifera small subunit ribosomal RNA sequences assembled from metatranscriptomes from Nambian sediments. 29. April 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.188

Orsi, William D.: Contigs from metatranscriptomes from Namibian sediments. 29. March 2020. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.187


Vasseur, Jérémie: The permeability of columnar jointed lava. 31. October 2019. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.172


Voigt, Oliver and Adamska, Maja and Adamski, Marcin and Kittelmann, André and Wencker, Lukardis and Wörheide, Gert: Spicule formation in calcareous sponges: Coordinated expression of biomineralization genes and spicule-type specific genes. 1. April 2017. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.97


Loew, Alexander: Comprehensive CMIP5 model evaluation reports: auxillary material. 2015. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.70

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