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Kloß, Simon: Original Data of Article "Ruddlesden-Popper Nitrides". 4. June 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.448

Nippa, David Friedrich Erhard: Supplementary data to dissertation: "Improving compound synthesis efficiency through laboratory automation and artificial intelligence". 18. March 2024. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.469


Krueger, Tanja and Jimenez Soto, Luisa F. and Koludarov, Ivan: Not all toxins are the same: Dataset and Analysis. 8. November 2023. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.423


Schley, Thayssa: Lateral root primordia development of wild type and pip mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. 10. October 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.341

Traube, Franziska: Comprehensive comparison between azacytidine and decitabine treatment in an acute myeloid leukemia cell line. 15. August 2022. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.314


Arends, Fabienna and Nowald, Constantin and Pflieger, Kerstin and Boettcher, Kathrin and Lieleg, Oliver and Zahler, Stefan: The biophysical properties of basal lamina gels depend on the biochemical composition of the gel. 1. November 2014. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.64

Menhofer, Magdalena and Zahler, Stefan: The actin targeting compound Chondramide inhibits breast cancer metastasis via reduction of cellular contractility. 24. July 2014. Open Data LMU. 10.5282/ubm/data.60

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